If you find that you are having a difficult time getting yourself to make phone calls or even talking to your friends, family and acquaintances, let me ask you one question:

Do YOU truly believe that what you've got can change their situation? Do you truly believe that what you've got can change YOUR situation?

I have just recently experienced a major change in ME. I have carried this fear around of calling people, of talking to people about my business. But now, that fear is gone. What happened?

Well, first I got with my upline and listened and learned as THEY did. Then I FACED MY FEAR, and DID IT. And not only that.......

I found something that is working for me! I always believed in the company, the product and the comp plan, but maybe didn't believe that it would all work for me. You just need to find the right system for YOU and you will find that it will start working! And it helps your faith tremendously.

This is why it is SO IMPORTANT that you don't give up. You've got to take time to find what works for YOU! And the only way you'll find it is by trying different things.

I am always reminding my team that if you begin THANKING GOD for something each day BEFORE it even is manifested in your life, it opens you up to revelations and faith and victory. Your understanding is no longer darkened as before. People are sent to you, resources are sent to you, ideas come, and plans are revealed. FAITH is such a magical thing.

I have heard it many times that if you begin to sell yourself, that instead of always having to call people, that soon you will have people calling YOU. You've just got to find the system that best works for you and what best fits YOUR personality, your desire.

Truly believing in something, makes it easy!

If you TRULY believe in something, you are going to talk about it.

If you TRULY believe in something, people are gonna see it.
If you TRULY believe in something, it changes you!

So, I ask you again....Do you TRULY believe that what you have is the answer for YOU and for all those other people out there wanting the same things you want? If you DO, then there should be no fear. It should be easy for you to share, no matter who they are.

If the fear is there because of unbelief, remember that in Mark 9:23 Jesus says, "If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes."

If you have problems believing, do as the father did in this passage in Mark...he asked the Lord to help his unbelief. " Lord, help my unbelief!" and HE WILL.

Phillippians 4:9 Paul says, "Those things which you have both learned and received and heard and seen in me, do; and the God of peace shall be with you".

I like that. :) Now isn't THAT a great scripture for Duplication??

Get with your upline....take the time to LEARN and RECEIVE and HEAR and SEE what they do....and just DO IT! And believe me when I tell you, you will start to TRULY BELIEVE...and it will CHANGE YOU.

I believe in YOU!
Connie J. Schmoll

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