The Mandurian Welcomes Casper and Cheryl Stockham

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."....
Muhammad Ali

"The Stockhams" Pay It Forward Daily

CASPER I achieved Financial Freedom for the first time in my mid 30’s. For over 25 years I have worked in the Marketing and Direct Sales industry. I have climbed to top level positions with several companies and have organized motivated and trained large groups in the process.

I have conducted personal and professional development seminars and training in over 5 countries around the world and have personally worked on projects connected with Jim Rohn and Tom Hopkins.

I have personally trained 1000’s of people over the past 25 years in direct sales, marketing, time management & goal setting. Now as a Co Founder of the Mandura All-Stars I am excited to help thousands more people reach their goals and dream with Mandura & the Mandura All-Stars.

My Statement of Purpose - I know the purpose of my life is to be Spiritually Connected, Family Oriented, Healthy, and Financially Free. In order to achieve these things I must unselfishly give and help others obtain their goals and dreams. In short - I must live BOLDLY in the zone! Through Honesty and Integrity I will succeed. Now I will show the world! My web site


I am an ordained minister and I believe the Lord has called me to teach and train those with a prophetic gifting and those called to the office of the prophet. He has also given me a passion to help all 5-fold ministry offices fulfill the call ….”for perfecting the saint for the work of the ministry…..” It is also a strong desire of mine to encourage, educate and set in place an atmosphere that all 5-fold offices have an understanding of each others purpose and work together in unity.

I have begun walking in the ministry the Lord has called me too, by first getting my training and to continue to do so. Second is to share what I learn with others and third is to establish a support group to encourage those prophets and those with a prophetic gifting. I see myself teaching and traveling empowering God’s people to find and know their purpose in the kingdom and to then walk in their purpose. My web site

The second part of the ministry assignment I believe the Lord is leading me into is a ministry with my husband for married couples. I can see us ministering to couples and setting up workshops on how to enjoy being married. Our web site is