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NOT EVERYONE loses weight the  SAME way. Bonnie from USA is a classic example of this.
Her story is below.
(Sept 2010)

"I feel younger and more alive"
Dean Clifford, Australia

Let me tell you Mary, my wife is extremely happy that I am
wearing my clothes that have been in the wardrobe for 3 years.
I could not do my jeans up and her comments back then were:
“Gee Dean you look for pregnant!”

Three months on Mandura Trim and those jeans now do up!!!!! 
What can I say?
My energy levels went up without really trying.

I didn't do any extra exercise other than an occasional walk
with the dog, and a kick of the footy with the kids.

BUT...I had absolutely no cravings...and my wonderful wife
just somehow managed to cut down my portion sizes.

I had another medical examination for work yesterday.
The Doctor commented on “my weight loss of 15 kilos”
and said, “What a relief to see your blood pressure down”.

It was no effort.. it was painless.
I didn’t ever feel like I was on a diet, or that it was a struggle.

Thank you Mary for introducing me to Mandura,
I feel younger and more alive!!!!   Dean Clifford...Australia


Elizabeth Australia

For most people on Thyroid medication, weight management
is a challenge. I'm happy to report that after 6 weeks on Trim,
 2 capsules twice a day,  I weighed 8 kilos lighter.
My body has changed shape; my clothes are looser and
I have more energy.
. All this without any changes to my sensible eating and exercise program.
I am satisfied with smaller serves; no hunger pangs; no cravings. Family and friends have remarked on the changes to my shape. My horse will love me even more when I've dropped 20kilos.     Elizabeth   Australia.

bigdougx2  Australia

WOW   Hi   This Trim  is  Awesome  I have taken Trim for one week weight has dropped side effects. Any one who would like to reconstruct their body needs to  try Trim — bigdougx2  Australia

Anne Daw ..... South Australia 
I had previously suffered from Chronic Fatigue for most of my life. 
(I found some improvement on other products)  But recently I was introduced to Mandura and tried the Mandura Juice.  I have been taking 1 tablespoon of juice per day.  My energy levels have risen,
and my body feels completely revitalized. I notice that I have been detoxing  metals. 
I lost 8 kilos (18lbs) in 5 weeks and had a 6 “ loss.  I have not been taking anything else apart from the juice.  I started taking Trim yesterday.  I am so grateful for this company
Anne Daw... South Australia

Dr Diana H.  Australia
I've found that TRIM will certainly burn off the excess fat stored in my fat cells. After a few days I was slimmer and my jeans were a more comfortable fit. I'm not really interested in weighing less although I know this will happen. Perhaps it's because I'm creating lean muscle which weighs more than fat.....Dr Diana H.  Australia

Bonnie from Michigan, USA

Bonnie has been taking TRIM for a bit over 3 months…Initially she lost 10 pounds in the first 2 weeks.
Then she lost NO weight for 8 weeks.
But things still kept happening in that time…Bonnie found she was losing inches.
She also found that she had lost the taste for sugar, salt & even white bread. In fact overall, Bonnie has NO cravings at all anymore..
ALSO exciting for Bonnie, was that she found she no longer needed Ibuprofen for her very sore knees. Her
pain has been so reduced that she takes nothing for
pain anymore.

AND just recently, when Bonnie went on the scales, she found that she had lost another 10 pounds. Her clother fit heaps better and her friends are commenting on her weight loss. Bonnie works 2 demanding jobs, so she has very little time to exercise. She eats sensibly but not miserably.

• So overall, Bonnie has lost 20 lbs in weight.
• She has lost desire for sugar, salt & white bread.
• She has lost all cravings to snack.
• She has lost severe pain in 2 knees.
• She has more energy & she feels GREAT

Congratulations Bonnie..we are excited for you.

    Do you have a story or experience with Mandura TRIM
     to share with us?
      It doesn't have to be long.
    Even a few words would be better than nothing.
    We need your testimony to help you tell others
    about Mandura.   We would love to hear from you.

Watch the SuperGranny's Interview below
 With Liberty D'Edwards from Australia

"Interview takes
 an unexpected twist"

The Supergranny Interviews Libby D'Edwards
 from Queensland, Australia. 
Libby has been using Mandura Trim,
an all natural, plant derived Weight loss program.

Is Trim just another "ho-hum" weight loss program?
Maybe it is all hype!  Maybe it is all in the mind?
 Is Mandura Trim merely a Placebo?

Watch the Interview below
 and see for yourself.


Kim from New South Wales, Australia
has been taking Mandura TRIM for 5 weeks… She has lost 11 kgs  (or about 23 pounds) & inches..
She hasn’t made drastic changes to her diet.
But she tries to stick to 3 meals a day..keeping  about 5 hours in between meals.
She finds her  cravings have lessened. Her clothes are a lot looser…& her friends are commenting. (NEW Update-see below)

Needless to say, the surprised DOCTOR said,
"What have you been doing different?"
(Update below -26th October, 2010)

Overall, Kim has lost about 15kgs over 3 months on TRIM.
She recently had routine blood tests done. Kim was born with one defective kidney that only functions at about 13%
Hence the kidney blood test results ALWAYS show “Kidneys: LOW”   

Listen to the results THIS TIME.

• Cholesterol down from 6.3 to 5.9
• KIDNEY RESULTS good…(just a LITTLE low - never been this good before)
• Liver is great.
• Blood pressure is down.

Needless to say, the Doctor said “What have you been doing different?”
The ONLY change? Kim has been managing her weight with TRIM
Thanks Kim from Australia..for this very exciting update on TRIM.

News Update on Tu Thompson's First Month.
Tu has lost 20 kgs in his first month on TRIM. He has just started his second month. ( Sept 10, 2010)
Appetite dramatically curbed on Mandura Trim

Tu Thompson Tawha - Brisbane, AUST  (Aug 2010)

Upon receiving my order of Mandura Trim last Monday I took two capsules immediately prior to going to bed.
The following morning my wife prepared my normal breakfast of cereal, 3 poached eggs and two pieces of toast. I sat down to eat the eggs because
I didn't feel like the cereal, to my amazement,  I could only eat 1 egg and toast, I couldn't believe I had enough. My wife packed my lunch which included Vita Wheat biscuits, an Avocado and a couple of slices of cheese. The biscuits became my lunch and I gave the lunch my wife prepared away. This has been my eating pattern for the past week normally I can, and did eat a lot of biscuits and sweets. Fizzy drinks were always on my menu too but no more.
I now drink water and green tea, which I actually prefer
. I know I have lost inches, I feel a lot lighter, and I am starting to feel more comfortable in my trousers and jeans. My stomach was always hard and protruding is now soft and half the size.
I have enrolled in the gym and am really excited about my future. I had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, have very high sugar levels.
I know and feel an improvement in my health. My friends, Co Workers and family have noticed the difference in my body shape, skin colour, and energy levels.
All this in ONE WEEK… Already people are asking for product so I win, win, and win, I thank Libby for the introduction and Mandura for the product Trim
Tu Thompson Tawha - Brisbane, AUST

Please NOTE… everyone’s results & experiences with TRIM will be different...
Your results will NOT be the same as  your friend. YOUR body & your metabolism are NOT the same as someone else's.
Everyone has different circumstances. Results will happen in different time frames.
If YOUR body produces MORE leptin than others..then that will slow your progress down. Whilst some may get a fairly big weight loss quickly…others will be slow & steady. 
TRIM is NOT...and does NOT claim to be a “get-thin-fast” weight loss.

I know we would all love to be like the ones who lose it fast, but we may well be “the slow & steady” kind.
There are SO many variables in this equation. The only way you will know what TRIM can do FOR YOU, is to try TRIM for yourself… & commit to it for 2-3 months.

Take advantage of the power of Trim.
Glenda Williams USA

Before taking Trim I had tried many different diets. They all worked as long as I stayed on them. The problem was being able to stay on them. A few years ago I lost over 40 pounds using a diet that was mostly low carb but with whole grain and fruits eaten in a specific way. It was effective at the time because of the group support and because apparently my leptin was not so resistant then.

It is true that you can lose weight without taking a supplement if you have the will power to stick with a good diet. What the Trim does, at least for me, is to enable me to eat sensibly without craving all those foods that can "break" my diet.
It took a couple of days (honest, that is all) for me to be able to tell a difference.
I am not talking about a dramatic weight loss. I am talking about being able to eat and finding that I don't need to eat as much.

I used to be a member of the clean plate club. That is what my Mother taught me so that is when I finished eating. Please don't teach your children that.
Now, even though I don't put as much on my plate I still get those signals that tell me it is time to stop. I don't need to eat any more.

 If you take advantage of the power of Trim and work with it and not against it you will lose the weight. But if you are determined to still eat a lot of high calorie food and just take the pills then you may be wasting your money.  Just eat sensibly and pay attention to the feelings of hunger and fullness.  If you are hungry then by all means eat something. Just don't make it something has has a thousand calories int it. If that is one of your favorite foods then simply have a small portion after you have eaten the more healthy foods. This is what is working for me    It just takes some people a little longer than others to see the difference.   Glenda Williams. USA