What is a Mandurian?

The term Mandurian is based around the theme of ancient Roman Soldiers aspiring to attain to the highest ranks in the Roman Army. Roman citizens had to swear an oath of allegiance to become professional Roman soldiers.

The highest ranking, professional soldier in the legion, was the Roman Centurion, who commanded 100 men. To reach the ultimate rank of Centurion in the Roman army, it would take years of faith & commitment

The Bible speaks of Jesus healing the servant of a Roman Centurion.  This particular Roman Centurion demonstrated such strong faith and trust in Jesus that Jesus commented that He had never seen such faith in Israel.

Mandurians are those of us join the ranks of Mandura  to try, buy and use Mandura’s healthy Natural products.
Most Mandurians will then decide to embark on a journey to build a successful  world business with Mandura.

Mandura has 20 Royal Ranks of achievement  and we start out in the Crown Ranks.
To attain to the higher Ranks, true Mandurians will need to apply:

• Self-Discipline
• Patience
• Commitment
• Trust
• Perseverance
• Hard work

A true Mandurian will NEVER lose sight of their goals of reaching
the highest Ranks of the Centurions.

BUT, we also see some very UNUSUAL features about this particular Centurion
whose servant was healed.

• This very successful Centurion was amazingly humble… not proud.
• This Centurion really CARED for those under him…it says “he loved  his servant”
• This Centurion seriously wanted the very best for those who were  below him.
• This Centurion served those who were below him.

The Company of Mandura has a uniqueness that sets it apart from all other Direct Selling Opportunities. Mandura is one company that wants YOU to succeed. 
Mandura offers you an amazing opportunity for your success.
Mandura’s One World Team.  ONE LINE...ONE TEAM…ONE VISION to change lives.

Because of this Selfless Business Plan,
true Mandurians are ‘different’ than other Networkers.

True Mandurians have the opportunity to build a very successful World Business….
BUT with a genuine, self-less inspiration to serve others and help them reach their goals to succeed as well.
  A true Mandurian will care for those beneath him and will only want the very best for his team members.

Mandura is also very pro-active in supporting Kids Against Hunger. 
True Mandurians are delighted to know that  Mandura donates one free meal
for EVERY bottle of product purchased
to feed Kids Against Hunger in your Country
That’s 10000s free meals for Kids Against Hunger each month worldwide

“Rank is given to you, to enable you to better serve those above and below you.
 It is not given for you  to practice your idiosyncrasies”  General Bruce C. Clarke, USA, Ret