I Lost 8 kilos on Mandura Juice

Anne Daw,Australia.
I had previously suffered from Chronic Fatigue for most of my life.  (I found some improvement on other products)  But recently I was introduced to Mandura and tried the Mandura Juice.
I have been taking 1 tablespoon of juice per day
.  My energy levels have risen, and my body feels completely revitalized. I notice that I have been detoxing  metals.  I lost 8 kilos (18lbs) in 5 weeks and had a 6 “ loss.  I have not been taking anything else apart from the juice.  I started taking Trim yesterday.  I am so grateful for this company.
Anne Daw
South Australia

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Mandura Juice

Helene H. QLD.Aust.  (Aug 2010)  UPDATE added below
My husband is taking the juice because he works  VERY long hours and travels 4 hours a day.  Since on the juice he has WAAAAAAY too much energy!!!
UPDATE (Sept 2010)  ...Oh my husband can't get enough Mandura juice.
He works 10 hours per day plus travels 4 hours per day to and from work, by the end of the week he was that tired he couldn't talk. Since being on the juice, he is great  He is still tired but just normal tired now, not smashed like he was.. Plus all his aches and pains have gone too….It's awesome stuff

We now have put our sons onto Mandura Juice also because they work for us and they also now feel great. We get more productivity out of them now.
Helene H. QLD.Aust.

Jeffrey M. believes in Mandura !
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