A good plan avoids all storms
I have a younger sister who is an accomplished sailor on a international level. One of the things that has always intrigued me about the sport of sailing is that they all have the same boat, same sail, same mast and they all have the same wind while racing.
What makes her different from the novice sailor?

How are winners determined when everyone has the same tools and the same obstacles?

Thinking of these questions it was easy to come to a correlation between sailing and business.

If you are currently with a MLM company then you understand that you have the same product as everyone else in your company.  You buy it and sell it for the exact price as every other individual. 

What then is going to make you different? 

What is going to put you at the top of the company when every representative has the same opportunity?

Like sailing, preparation for winning starts before you even put your boat in the water.  You must understand not only the wind, but the course and the tide on any given day.  You have to chart your course accordingly and expect changes in all.  Once you get your boat in the water, you want to have an idea of how to SET YOUR SAIL.  Without it, pardon the pun, but you’ll be “A SHIP LOST AT SEA.”

The same circumstances are relevant in your business.
You have to have the usual understanding of the product and company that you represent. More importantly you have to chart your course. You have to understand the direction the industry is moving and how to get there. You have to understand that everyone has the same opportunity, but it’s how you SET THE SAIL that’s going to make the difference. Chart your course knowing there are going to obstacles but learn how to SET THE SAIL to meet every challenge.
My little sister understands team work!
9/10/2010 10:02:41 am

Ah! I really liked this article. :)

We all start off in the "same boat" with trying to build our business and even with this yo-yo dieting as Mary Bosveld aka "SuperGranny" says. (smiles) So...we can do this together!

And as Jon says here, it's important that before you even put your boat in the water, you must have an idea of how to SET YOUR SAIL that will meet your every challenge.

I Must Remember...A good plan avoids all storms!

Thanks Jon!


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